Spider Web Painted Pumpkin

Do you lean towards more spooky for your Halloween decor? Try adding a hot glue spider web to your pumpkins with this simple DIY. The glue adds a raised texture for the web upping your painted pumpkin game to the next level!

What You’ll Need:


  1. With your pencil, draw your web onto your pumpkin. I started with 6 intersecting straight lines and then the swoops to connect them. It will be covered up so you can keep drawing until you get the right design.

  2. When your glue gun is ready, trace over your web design with the hot glue. I used a mini glue gun for a finer web. I again started with the long straight lines and then worked the swoops from the center outwards.

  3. Paint your entire pumpkin black, using a foam brush to sponge the paint into the nooks of the web.

  4. Lightly brush gold metallic paint on top of the raised hot glue web to highlight it. You could also use a paint pen or metallic sharpie for more control.

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